Personal Clients:

What Heather is able to capture in a photograph is nothing short of amazing. Whether it’s a building, an animal, or the simple smile of a child, her photograph is more than a picture of the subject itself. She has the unique ability to elicit an emotion from the viewer. As I look at the pictures she has taken of my children, I am taken back to a moment and place in time…and it is then that I realize these are not just photographs of our life – they are precious memories, captured in such a way that we can relive them and others can experience them.
Emily P.

Heather creates beautiful reasonably priced pictures that capture a child/family in their natural environment. Over the past few years, our photo sessions with Heather have been taken at different locations in the Cleveland area.
Andi Adler

Commercial Clients:

Heather’s photographs are stunningly beautiful, artful, and above all… natural. She captures the beauty and soul of each person – her photographs have interest and command your attention. Heather is wonderful to work with, and our jobs are not easy! She must capture not only a great shot of the model, but also make sure the dress looks good, that the important details are visible, and that the color is true. She does all this — it’s her work that helps sell our clothes. For our current collection we had photo shoots planned in three different cities. After seeing Heather’s shots, my partner’s comment: “We should have just had Heather do everything.” I highly recommend her!
Anne MacGilvray
adooka organic


We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and I cannot think of a more fitting quote that describes the professional work of Heather Sesnowitz. As our school photographer, Heather artistically documents this yearly rite of passage while capturing the natural and authentic beauty of each child. There is no doubt that Heather’s work takes school photos to a whole new level of quality and satisfaction. And as an added bonus, Heather’s “mom-like” qualities shine as she effortlessly establishes a warm, engaging rapport with the children so they remain comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. We are truly fortunate to have Heather as our school photographer.

Joan Morgenstern – Director of Early Childhood Services / Mandel JCC

As a designer, one of our most important assets is our work and being able to showcase it in a way that people can interpret and see the big picture. WE have found Heather’s creativity in photography and her eye for detail has been sound and added a lot of value to the work we have done to showcase in our portfolio.

Bill Dysert
Owner Exscape Designs


As a small business owner of Frosted Cupcakes, Heather’s photography helped me with the promotion of my product.  Heather was able to capture the beauty and deliciousness of each and every one of my gourmet cupcakes.  She was a pleasure to work with.

Kelly Emerine